Traditional Cremation

  • Memorial Service, limited viewing (no embalming).
  • Cremation takes place as soon as paperwork is complete.
  • Choice of minimum container or cremation casket.
  • Selection of urns available.

Other Cremation Options Include:

Contemporary Cremation »

  • Similar to a Traditional Funeral with the body present (embalming), and viewing.
  • Cremation occurs after the ceremony.
  • Use ceremonial casket (rental) or cremation casket.
  • May request a visitation the day of the service or the night before.
  • Selection of urns available.

Direct Cremation »

  • No services or ceremony. No embalming.
  • Minimum container or cremation casket.
  • Cremation occurs as soon as paperwork is complete.
  • May request a visitation or a memorial gathering with no ceremony.
  • Selection of urns available.

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