People plan carefully for the things that are important events in their lives such as weddings, the purchase of a home, college educations, or financial security during retirement. But often, the important decision regarding what will happen at the time of one’s death is overlooked and these important decisions are left to someone else. Preplanning benefits:

  • Offers individuals and families the opportunity to make funeral arrangements and decisions before the need arises.
  • Eases stress on survivors at the time of death.
  • Gives the person the opportunity to express his/her own preferences ahead of time.
  • Allows the person to take advantage of sound, Kansas Trust Laws that protect monies that are trusted for services at a later date.
  • The person has the opportunity to use a bank/savings & loan trust or a specially designed funeral life insurance trust.
  • Current Kansas laws require 100% of trusted funeral monies be placed in bank trusts, savings and loan trusts or life insurance trusts, to be held irrevocably there, along with 100% of the earnings until the time of death. No one has access to those trusted funds. They are protected and at the same time, exempt from the person’s personal assets for the purposes of Medicaid application.
  • Allows the person to make arrangements in at least three stages. People can come back at a later time and add to or subtract from wishes.
  • Offers “Peace of Mind” to the person pre-arranging and to survivors/families that will benefit from this time spent upon death.